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Here is a small sampling of what some of our patients have written to Dr. Cox about their treatment and experience.


Leon Faddis, Lyndell, PA

In 1979, I had a very stiff neck. X-rays showed a lot of arthritic degeneration. My doctor was wanting to do surgery to remove spurs. A maintenance man at my concrete plant told me about a doctor in PA who had helped him with prolotherapy. After several treatments, my neck was as good as new. He also treated my back and got me in good shape without going under the knife. Concrete work is very hard on the back.

In 2009, I was involved in an MVA. I am very thankful that I found Dr. Cox who knew about prolotherapy. He has treated my back and shoulder with excellent results.


Judy Bransky, Mountain Home, AR

I have had back pain for over 40 years. I have been put into traction, wore a plastic body brace for 3 years, I have had acupuncture and physical therapy, taken all kinds of pain killers, and had cortisone shots. When my husband saw Dr. Cox's ad in a local paper, he wanted me to try it. We've done everything else, so I did. Dr. Cox talked to us at length and said we should think about it before saying yes or no. We told him, “Lets go for it.” I had 50 shots put into the pain and that day for the first time in years I slept without pain and without taking a pill to help me sleep. I have had 4 followups and now I am done. For the first time in 40 years I have no pain, and it has been a month now.


William Pollack, Mountain Home, AR

My first set of prolo shots was for my right shoulder. I had chronic pain from working ( I am a mailman), volley ball, etc. I got some relief, but re-injured my shoulder and had a second set of shots. These helped tremendously. The shots are not like what you get in the arm that hurt so much. They are more like a stinging sensation. I later had my neck done. The pain went away for the first time since my scooter and I hit the road. I later had prolo on my lower back and got good results. But, the mot dramatic benefit I had was with my foot. I don't even remember which one it was, because although I was in extreme pain for weeks, 3 days after my prolo with Dr. Cox I was totally pain free and golfing again! I am in my sixties and still work and golf. Thank you, Dr. Merl!


Betty Vanhoose, Pea Ridge, AR

I have about 80 percent less pain than before prolotherapy. I have had back problems for many years, but it became worse after a fall. I would tell a friend that prolotherapy is the only thing that has helped me. I would recommend prolotherapy to anyone who is in severe chronic pain. I would not recommend it to someone who has mild pain that responds to aspirin, Tylenol, etc. I can stand up straight now, and could not because of the pain before prolotherapy.


Donna McGowan

I suffered from severe headache pain since I was a child. I was thrown through a windshield at age 4. Had another MVA as an adult, my headaches became worse. I heard about Prolotherapy and Dr. Cox from my daughter, she told me it was really helping her. I was desperate so thought what can it hurt? Started getting Prolo and my headache went away. I am so happy to be free from the headaches and back pain. Later, I jammed my finger and it became swollen and really hurt. Dr. Cox injected it, swelling went down and hasn't bothered me since. I am a true believer in Prolotherapy, it really works.


Ronald Smith, Doniphan, MO

Amazing results! I had a long tern pain problem with my right foot and heel for 2 ˝ years. I tried deep massage, went to a foot specialist who did x-rays, injections and everything imaginable with little or no results. Then I saw Dr. Cox. One treatment and 2-3 days later, I couldn't believe the improvement. I now have absolutely no pain, I am truly amazed. People with pain ought to check it out.


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